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"LOL!! Funny how this "racist" received awards from NAACP, Jesse Jackson, Al Notsosharton. Yeah a real racist! LOL!! It's funny how "overnite" the President then became a "racist" after declaring his candidacy as a Republican. Amazing how that works huh? As for the 70's, well apparently you know little about how big business works. Do you really believe Donald Trump, himself, was renting apartments to people? Trump's COMPANY was fined, not Trump. As for the company itself, it paid the fine, fixed the problem and haven't heard from the Feds since,yeah real racist! LOL! By the way in answer to your question about black friends, I have no black friends, Ijust have plain old friends. See I don't use race to determine my friends, the content of their character chooses for me. You might want to take off those race colored glasses you're wearing, it will help you to see reality clearer."

Thot getting tag team stairwell my phone went dead :(

Thot getting tag team stairwell my phone went dead :(

" Dave Chreokee to himself. He shifted, making so his cock is parallel to his leg. "Okay don't look at the pussy. Don't look at th-" He looked. Her pussy, perfectly Sitex and well groomed, peaked out from her tightly closed legs.

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  1. Black pornstar Cherokee Sites supermodels
    Guzil5 months ago

    Beyond sad right, beyond concerning, it's becoming such a problem within schools, collectively, like many other areas in society, it will take a togetherness, a watchful eye, not only over our Children, over all in truth.

  2. Nigor
    Nigor5 months ago

    Why not? Considering Pascal's wager, it seems to me the safer bet. If the worse thing I do is give help to the poor and try not to be a dick, where is the harm?

  3. Знакомства
    Tekora5 months ago

    Wow. And an entire segment of this country is eating it up with a spoon, being led around by this disinformation.

  4. Black pornstar Cherokee Sites supermodels
    Zulkigal5 months ago

    Still banging on about the FISA warrant, eh? And yet the released warrant application proves you're completely wrong--the political nature of the dossier's creation was clearly outlined in a footnote--and in order to be renewed, twice, the investigators had to show a progressing investigation. FISA doesn't allow you to monitor Americans indefinitely without showing any progress on an investigation.

  5. Tojalar
    Tojalar4 months ago

    So you can't name one Democrat. Because there aren't any. But then there isn't any deep state either so it would be really hard to prove something that doesn't exist.

  6. Знакомства
    Kigashura4 months ago

    This years does too if you get the Hellcat model. . . 707hp man!

  7. Tor
    Tor4 months ago

    The opposite of belief is not no-belief. You can't really have the opposite of belief. The opposite of 1 is -1, not 0.

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