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"Paul was called to bring the Message to the gentiles. It is obvious that there would be differences. The Jewish had their rules. The gentiles did not have those rules. Whether eating pork or circumcision Jews followed tradition. The gentiles had the teachings of Jesus not the rules of the Jewish."

Lucy Wilde - Busty Nurse

Lucy Wilde - Busty Nurse

You're producing a porno," remarked the big donged man. "I know, but I'll be damned if I don't try to keep some dignity of mine," Dave replied. "You and I both know we are way deep in this hole, and frankly, there is no such thing as dignity down here.

At least go talk to the girls while you can. I need someone to clean my dick before we start. " He said, while scoping the place for an attractive intern, "What time do we start, anyway?" Dave and the big donged man look around the set and see the crew drinking beers, laughing, and not doing an ounce of work.

"You probably have a couple hours of leisure," said Dave. In the meantime, Dave wandered the back of the Cu, where the stars' dress rooms were located.

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    Nikonris1 year ago

    That's just the thing "saving millions of lives" I'm not for sure how you could prove that statement. Because The vaccine makers are not doing the same research on their vaccines as they are on their other drugs because it really doesn't matter vaccines are mandated in a lot of states.

  2. Yolabar
    Yolabar1 year ago

    With respect to "Exodus", isn't it true that nothing in that book has been judged to be actually part of the historical record? No record of any of it having actually happened. So not only do dudes not part seas by waving a stick, or gods literally kill first born babies, but the entire story is clearly written in religious allegory and can not reasonably be given literal meaning. Sure, many religious folks do give it literal meaning, which makes no sense, but, I wonder, why would non-religious folks read this obviously metaphorical material that way?

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    Moogushicage11 months ago

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    Too much information overload can be a bad thing

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    Taulmaran11 months ago

    You bet we are! ??

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    You know me all too well at this point. ??

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