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"The attention has been drawn, we all get it, we've heard it before and now nobody cares. Why a football game, why during the anthem, why insult millions of people trying to make a point? Keeping this up will not bring people to your side because it's not about police brutality anymore it's about pissing people off and it will make enemies for you and then you will be moaning about that. Do blacks bear any responsibility for their relationship with the police?"

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compilation of Guys eating their Girls Creams pies

Deandra becomes increasingly hornier, and tugs on his cock harder and faster. Every time she passes by his asshole she gives him a little tickle.

"How do you like that?" she asks, still pumping his cock. "If I new any better, I'd say I was dreaming," He moaned. Without a moments notice, she shoves the tip of ansl finger into his asshole. He lets out a huge moan and Deandra begins pumping and sucking his dick as if she were hydro-powered.

"If you keep on going I think I'm going to cum!" exclaims Dave. He pulls her hand out from his ass cheeks and rips her hand off his dick.

"My turn.

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  1. Kajikora
    Kajikora9 months ago

    You continue to demonstrate your profound ignorance of science. We share common ancestry with other great apes. Most recently with chimpanzees. That ancestor lived about 5 million years ago.

  2. Migis
    Migis9 months ago

    They aren't personal attacks. They're descriptions of what you're doing. Toodles.

  3. Beance anal ABUS Sexuel
    Meztimuro9 months ago

    Wow, you are such a hypocrite. You just admitted that you look up information after people make claims, when you can not find it, you ask for links. However, when others look up your claims and can not find the information you claim that they are liars. How dishonest.

  4. Beance anal ABUS Sexuel
    Akinohn9 months ago

    Huhhh lol he's an AZZ. I'm just in my little feelings with his ugly ass

  5. Yokree
    Yokree8 months ago

    That would be the genealogies. I can't understand how they managed to reproduce without women.

  6. Kiran
    Kiran8 months ago

    It's a secret~

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